Not Just A Gun But Dancing – by Sylvie Simmons


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by Sylvie Simmons

Sylvie Simmons left her native London for California in the late ’70s and became a renowned rock writer – still is; the BBC made a documentary on her, The Rock Chick . She’s also an award-winning author. Her books include the short story collection Too Weird For Ziggy and the  biographies Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes and bestseller I’m Your Man: The Life Of Leonard Cohen. Sylvie’s unorthodox Cohen book tour, where she read from her best-selling book and sang his songs with a ukulele, went around the world and lasted over a year. In 2014 she came out as a singer-songwriter, signed with Light In The Attic Records and recorded her debut album, Sylvie, which The Guardian newspaper called  “One of the most beautiful albums of the year”. When she’s not on the road, Sylvie lives in San Francisco, where she’s writing for MOJO magazine, preparing to record a second album and working on a new collection of short stories.


I’m writing postcards from another place I never asked to go, on a bed in an old hotel, held together by dust. The radio by the bed is playing love songs, none of them good. There’s a faint breeze coming through the curtains, which are thin and too small to meet in the middle. I wish they would turn the street lights out. They make me restless. And when I can’t rest, that’s when they come.

The ghosts of my old lovers – and there’s a lot of them. I don’t say that to brag but I’m not ashamed either. Sometimes they’re all there on the same night, but not too often; they prefer to surprise me with who’ll show up. Here’s the one who had the face of a poet, though he couldn’t string two words together. And three poets, real poets, including the one who drowned in the Thames.

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