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3 a.m. analog is the brain-child of writer and musician, Lori Carson, and artist manager, Steven Saporta. The two have known each other since the 1980s and have long shared an artistic vision and a commitment to authenticity and creative freedom.

Lori Carson has been a recording artist and songwriter for over thirty years. She was first signed to Geffen Records in 1990 and has since released seven critically acclaimed solo records, and two with the Golden Palominos. Lori has performed all over the world. Her evocative songs can be heard in many films and TV shows. In 2013, her first novel, The Original 1982, a story about a young musician and the daughter she might have had, was published by William Morrow/Harper Collins.

Steven Saporta’s artist management company (with Peter Casperson) Invasion Group, Ltd., is now in its 32nd year. While the music business has gone through a virtual cataclysm in the past decade, Invasion remains true to its roots and values as a full-service entertainment company. Good taste, keen business acumen, a sense of fair play, consistency of style and philosophy, and a real love for the deal-making and negotiating aspect of the business – all of these are among the reasons why Saporta has become a trusted counselor, not only to artists but to many in the business.

Lori first mentioned the idea for 3 a.m. to Steven, in passing. Her first novel had recently been published and she was working on a second. She knew of other musicians who were writing fiction too. It really seemed like the time was right. Steven loved the idea. He saw the potential for it immediately and reached out to his contacts at Amazon who loved the idea too.

Steven was already involved in publishing. (He manages a writer whose books have been International best-sellers.) Also, Saporta’s sister company (with Casperson), United For Opportunity, started 10 years ago, was designed to give artists the ability to maintain control over their recordings, and provide digital marketing and distribution services to independent projects. U.F.O. will provide such support to 3 a.m.

The final piece was Jana Fisher. Multi-talented and extremely capable, Jana works with Steven at Invasion. She can do anything, it seems, from tech support to graphic design to whatever other difficult task needs to get done. Jana is the anchor of 3 a.m. analog.

Musician friends who were also writers and editors were enlisted to contribute their work and, slowly, the project came together.

We’re very excited and proud to bring you the fiction and non-fiction of these artists. And we’re just getting started. Welcome to 3 a.m. analog, Musicians Who Write.


About the name: 3 a.m. is the hour of inspiration and analog is the way we used to record when shit sounded good — and real.



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